I have come to the conclusion that there are times when you have to call your pet by their real name.

If you have family dog named Killer, there are times when you will say, "Come here you stupid dog"

If you have family cat named Pussy, there are times when you will say, "Come here you stupid cat"

So why not call some networks by their real and last name?

Like today:

Linkshare sucks and Commission Junction is pushing it.

Don't be afraid to post your comments here.

This thread may or may not help those two networks, but at least they will know how we feel today May 18, 2005


As far as the CJ network, I will stay on CJ until the end.

That was the first network that I joined and whether I still like them or not, this is not the cause of this post.

As far as the LS network, I have over three years of info on ABW to know that it's one of the worse networks to join today.

Not because of all of the bad publicity that they have on their own forum for the last three years, but for all of the bad unresponsive ways in which they have treated their affiliates in the last few months.

If I had to make a choice today, I would have no choice but to select CJ over LS.

But, If I was a newbie today and knew what I know today, I will only chose: Shareasale as the only real no BS network.