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    January 18th, 2005
    I have noticed some merchants talking about some of the affiliates stealing links and overwriting cookies and all kinds of things that honestly are shocking to me. I guess there will always be cheaters.

    As a merchant how do I know who NOT to include in my program?

    Is there a master list of cheaters?

    Also is Linkshare better at preventing this problem than CJ?

    We want to include only the partners that are honest and ethical - but how do we know who are the bad guys?

    The SMOOTH Corporation Partnership Team

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    Welcoime Smooth Corp to ABW. What you read here about parasitic BHO (browser helper object) adware plug-ins to allow a devious affiliate to pilfer commissions and hijack traffic is a reality. They are multip[lying like crazy and taking over systems to the tune of 250 million hidden installs.

    Let your network rep. know you seek action at the Nov. 7th meeting as filtering out these abusers who even monitize your own SE listings is a hard task. eBates -Morpheus -LimeWire -Kazzaa -Grockster -Commonnames and other affiliates use "incent" offers and FREEbee enticements to work their devious plan. Do not accept any "incent" sites into your program is the olny cure right now. Just state in your TOS that you won't pay icent sites any commissions.

    WebMaster Mike

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    January 18th, 2005
    I was wondering if anyone has heard of "" and if they are parasitic in anyway . . . . someone I was speaking to said that they heard it has a ride along like Morpheus and LimeWire did.

    FYI - I heard from an affiliate devel team person that the guy from Ebates spoke at the NYC meeting yesterday and that he can assure me that Ebates is NOT a parasite. Perhaps Sarah can fill us in on the details?

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