My name is Aaron Graham, I graduated last year and am now undertaking research as a postgraduate in Information security and would love to further develop affiliate marketing fraud as my main focus. Obviously artificial threats such as proxy bots and cheat scripts have implications for anyone wanting to start an affiliate commission system, this coupled with the inherent vulnerabilities that exist with any web based marketing system i.e. manipulated traffic. Myself and some other members of the Information security group (assisting me) would be interested in collating and diagnosing the affiliate marketing fraud problem through collecting information on the percieved vulnerabilities in the technology and implementation. I would be very interesting in developing some solutions to the problem, such as figuratively fingerprinting clickers to gain a stronger sense of uniqeness or perhaps designing a customer quality algorithm. If any of you have any guidance, connections, previous prevention mechanisms, scripts etc. it would be very helpful.Until now I have found it difficult to find technologically descriptive material, which is unfortunate for a potentially big Information security issue

In particular I am interested in a reasonably deep technical understanding of how affiliate links are overwritten by parasiteware, I understand the concept but would very much like to see code examples, sr speak with someone who has experience in that field. Has anyone had the chance to take apart one of the low level parasites to get an understanding of its capabilities?

Any feedback would be great.