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    Question What clickthrough conversion is good?
    What I mean is, in everyone's opinion, at what percentage are your clickthrough to conversions considered low, average, above average, and high? I am having a hard time figuring this out. For example, on one network, one of my sites since January 1 has had 7,167 clickthroughs, which only turned 434 sales (although many sales are multiple items, but that's besides the point here). So my percentage rate is 1.73%. To me this is very low, but I have seen other similar stats mentioned on here favorably, so I want to get a very clear picture of what I should look for - what I should pat myself on the back for - and what I should kick my self in the arse over.

    I'm hoping some of you experienced veterans will offer me the benefit of your expertise.

    Thank you all for your help!
    ~Lisa - Brilliant Mastermind, or Nut? You decide!

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    I don't think it's possible to have a meaningful rate that generalizes across the board. Too many variables are involved to say that X% conversion rate is good or bad. A simple example:

    1 conversion = $20 profit

    targeted traffic costs $1 per click and yields a 5% conversion rate; spend $100, make 5 sales & $100 income

    non targeted traffic costs $0.05 per click and yields a 1% conversion rate; spend $100, make 20 sales & $400 income

    So a 1% conversion rate seems pretty good and a 5% conersion rate stinks? I think the bottom line is that you gotta be comfortable with the ROI that you get and then the conversion rate doesn't really matter.


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    I have one merchant who has averaged 1 sale for every 20 clicks on just general SE traffic for over 5 years straight. All their affiliate traffic does better. Their Amazon store averages 1 sale per 9 product views. Due to forced click fraud Overture averages 1 sale per 36 click. Google Adwords runs 1/19. This would be considered by all as a high conversion ratio.

    Basically a merchant isn't ready for an affiliate program till their site converts at a steady 1/150 click basis. Many merchants come to ABW to recruit active affiliates knowing they can do 1/100 on showcase targeted links and physical clicks. Many more come to ABW, or don't come to ABW knowing they can't average 1 sale per 500 clicks (or worse) due to shady BHO partnerships, cookie washing e-mail campaigns, diversion tricks and faulty sporatic network sales reporting.

    I'd never consider taking on a AM job for a merchant client who could average 1 sale per 150 clicks from general traffic. Crappy converting merchants seeking higher conversion ratios turn to couponers and BHO incenters as they know a normal non-incentive affiliate is dead in the water for earning any real money.
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    Thanks for asking this Lisa, I'm just going through trying to analyze and see if the way I do sites is worth the amount of effort and a fair investment of time, or whether there should be changes and do them differently.

    I kind of look at it as a two step process. How many impressions = how many clicks? That's one figure I'd like to know what's good, back or middlin' for on my end.

    Then for so many clicks, how many sales? I think that might have been answered, though I've also heard that 1 sale for 100 clickthroughs is OK but I'm still not clear.

    But how about even without sales, since some things/products/price ranges would convert differently. Wouldn't percentage of clicks for impressions tell something about the effectivenes of the site, whether a page was ok or needed improvement? And then clicks to sales tell more about the product line or the particular merchant?

    What is considered a decent impression to click percentage?
    What's considered a decent click to sales percentage?

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    It really depends. Some people are happy with a 1% conversion ratio. I have some merchants for which I get over a 30% conversion ratio. That's from extremely targeted traffic and a very good value proposition for the buyer.

    Some would say that a conversion ratio under 1% is not acceptable. That's not necessarily true. High ticket items don't convert as well. Back in December, was selling Franck Muller watches. They were paying a $200 bonus for each watch sold, plus a commission that averaged about $400. (These were really expensive watches!) If you could get a 0.2% conversion ratio with these, that's still over $1 per click. (BTW, I had better than a 1% conversion ratio with these!)

    Across all of my merchants, I average about a 5% conversion ratio. As I said before, some are 30% or better. Some are well below 1%.

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