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    My appologies to Noxid

    My appologies...I sent you a PM this morning and realized you still can't respond as you don't have enought posts. That would explain the lack of responses to my PM's so I take back what I may have said anywhere here about you not responding. (It does not forgive Mr. Messer for his lack of responses here and to emails.)

    Also, I wanted to say how sorry I am for you working for a company that treats its business partners so poorly and has standards in place for its emloyees to do the same for all of us.

    I've worked in corporate America, was once a manager of an employee suggestion program for a 4,000 employee company and I met nearly every one of them face to face over the years. I know the pride and satisfaction of working for a company that cares about its employees and values their input and rewards them for it. It must be sad for you working for a company that does not. I don't know anything about your moral character, but from the few posts you have written you seem to be a good person stuck between a rock and a hard place as are many of the other LS empoloyees.

    PM me when your reach 50 posts!
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    I have a favorite AM who I introduced to ABW. One day I saw him "lurking" and I PM'd him "Hey I see ya up there - make a post - introduce yourself"

    Few minutes later I got an email saying "ABW just notified me you sent me a PM, but I don't have enough posts to read it/what did you want"

    Point is. They DO know they got a PM. They DO know who sent it.

    And if Gloria - as the Linkshare rep at ABW - hasn't posted enough to get PM's - speaks volumes about their level of affiliate interaction

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    And if Gloria - as the Linkshare rep at ABW - hasn't posted enough to get PM's
    That would be hillarious id ir weren't so sad.
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