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    Thumbs down I'm sick of unzipping large CJ reports!
    Around this time of the month, when I get a month-to-date report from CJ, I get this:

    "Due to the size of your report additional time is needed for record compilation and formatting. Our system will email your report to the address below within 24 hours. Note that you may designate a different email address if necessary"

    Ordinarily, with smaller reports, I just create the report and save it.

    With reports that reach the limit, I have to:

    1) enter my email address
    2) go to my email account and find the email
    3) download the zip file
    4) find the zip file and unzip it
    5) it unzips into multiple reports, so I have to get out notepad and cut and paste them to create a single report

    I can't help but think that the reasoning behind all this extra work for me might be out-dated - from a time when giving me such a report direcly would affect their servers a lot or take me forever to download on a dial-up connection (hence "24 hours").

    In the world of 2005 they manage to create the report, zip it and email it to me in seconds. I'd LOVE IT if they pressed a button and allowed larger reports to be downloaded directly.


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    The other option is to have them automatically generate it daily and then put it up on their ftp server for you to download at your leisure.

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