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    Who is
    I've just received this email from someone from AllFeeds...sounds suspicious...anyone else get one?

    Hello there,

    I represent the Business Development team at

    I notice that you are running Google Adsense ads on {sitename}

    We have a program that we call "Google Backfill". It works with your
    Adsense account to maximize your total revenue.

    Our Backfill program will replace Google's public service ads with
    Paying ads from
    Allfeeds that look and feel exactly the same as the ads Google would
    normally display.

    Public Service ads?! What are they!?
    Believe it or not, on average Google will display a NON-PAYING public
    service ad
    10% of the time! That means 10% of the time your inventory is being

    When does Google display a Public Service ad?
    Google will display a Public Service ad for many reasons. Some of
    them include:
    - When their spider has not crawled a part of your site
    - Content of your site is within a user session
    - There is an error displaying an ad
    If your site has a lot of dynamic content, Public service ads will
    appear much
    more frequently! Wasting your valuable inventory!

    What can I do?
    By using our Backfill ads, you will capture that missing 10% and
    maximize your

    How does it work?
    Google provides you with the ability to display an "Alternate Ad URL"
    instead of a
    public service ad.
    Our Backfill ads use this alternate ad url to display an advertisement
    that looks
    and feels the same as Google's regular ads. It automatically detects
    your color
    settings and displays a similar advertisement.

    Does this violate Google's Policies?
    Absolutely not! By using the alternate ad url in your adsense admin
    panel, Allfeeds
    backfill ads will only be displayed when Google decides to display a
    Public Service Ad.
    Google gives you this ability and we have found a way for you to
    profit from it!

    How do I get started? Is it hard to do?
    Getting started is easy, All you have to do is signup as an Allfeeds
    publisher and
    enter the Alternate ad URL provided by us into your Google Adsense
    admin. Then just
    copy and paste the new code from Google back onto your website.
    That's it! You're done!
    Full instructions are provided in our admin panel and we are available
    daily for free
    Live Support!

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    I got one of those and immediately sent it to the spam bin.

    This part:

    Allfeeds that look and feel exactly the same as the ads Google would
    normally display.
    Seems like a direct violation of the new Adsense terms of service:

    If you have elected to receive contextually-targeted Google ads, this would include all other contextually-targeted ads or links on the same page as Google ads. This would also include ads throughout the site that mimic Google ads or otherwise appear to be associated with Google on your site. Although you may sell ads directly on your site, it is your responsibility to ensure these ads do not mimic Google ads.

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    I thought so too Rodney...Into the spam bin it goes.


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    looks like a grey area being filled. If google can't provide an ad, they can.

    However, I'd be worried about what ad or graphic they did provide, as you don't know whether to trust them now or not. they could do drive-bys and you wouldn't know it right away.

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    They could be putting anything in that iframe

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    I just thought it was a blatant abuse of the terms of google who seems pretty specific about not having 'competing' ads which look even remotely like googleads to be placed on a similar page...I guess that page wouldn't have googleads on it if a public service ad was there and was then replaced by this ad by allfeeds...

    I think the fact that they are trying to mimic google and attempting to 'fool' the visitor that they are indeed legitimate googleads is treading on a fine line...I won't want to get booted out of google for trying to do that...


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    I got it too... even if it is legit, I won't support a spammer.
    Hi, I'm a signature.

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