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    March 23rd, 2005
    I hate linkfarms!!!
    I was running some text searches to make sure no one has been copying my site, and came across a ton of links to it on these god-awful, low PR linkfarms! I'm really annoyed because this particular site is our best, and some of the stuff I found is fishy. For example, one site has our link open in a frame, where the side frame is them pitching web templates to buy. If someone were to shop through our links via this frame, will we be credited for the sales? Are they being underhanded? Or just tacky?

    Next example is a definite no-no... They have a list of links, including two links to different pages of my site. When you click on either link (or any other links in their farm) you are redirected to some cheesy sales pitch page on their site!

    What do you all think? Is it worth shooting off some nasty emails?? I'm just concerned because I don't want Google to penalize my best site because it's been raped and farmed out against my wishes. GRRRRR!!!!
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    Somewhere in the google FAQ's / About /Help etc it says:

    there is almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your rankings. Or something like that.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Although, as for the first one, you could have your site auto break out of frames.

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    RadarCat posted a script last month that works great for breaking out of frames:

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    so allowing LinkFarms to join your affiliate program is NOT a bad thing after all, from an SEO point of view? I always thought it was bad.

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