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    Mystery of the gaps in sales
    After a loooong gap with absolutely no sales, I clicked on a link to do a test order.

    Blank page still trying to go to merchant's site.
    While waiting, I went and made a drink, chased after my kids to get them ready for bed, got another drink and am still waiting for the link to reach the merchant's site.

    No wonder the sales stopped.

    Can CJ do something about these SLOOOOOWWW links? You know, invest in some new servers, get the necessary hardware or whatever it takes to speed things up?

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    Sometimes, CJ links are slow because the merchant behind is slow or down. I don't say it's true every time but we need to check what's beyond CJ also.

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    The cj links are redirects. If you do not see the old qksrv link appearing in the statusbar it is on cj end if the qksrv domain appears but nothing is loaded, then it is on the merchants side.


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