Thanks to all our dedicated affiliates! We are changing our commission structure from 8% to 10%. Second tier commission will remain at 2%.

After hearing from a number of you: We decided to do a way with our free commission strategy for now because our affiliates will benefit more from the commission increase. At first, this strategy really increased our affiliate recruitment, but after a few months, only a handful of affiliates were getting the free commission. We did the math, and realize that those affiliates will benefit more from an increase in commission......

Our ARA diver watches have now been upgraded with SAPPHIRE crystals and Swiss Bracelets with screws - No pins! The price of these watches have increased from $329 to $379! Means more commission for you guys! They are still quite popular and have had a number of affiliate commissions lately at over $30.

We have been on autodeposit for awhile now......

Please let me know if you need anything, or if you would like to see more program changes.

Richard Lupu