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    Validation Sing-Along
    Let's have a group sing-along...

    I can't get no validation,
    I can't get no validation,
    But I try and I try,
    And I try and I try,
    I can't get no,
    That's what I say...

    Add your own lyrics while you wait for LS's latest 404 page to load.

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    I've been cashing linkshare checks for years,
    now I have been reduced to tears.

    They say they can't validate me and they won't tell me why.
    All I can do is break down and cry.

    The IRS knows who I am,
    They take my money again and again.

    25% of my linkshare earnings go to uncle sam,
    he has no trouble figuring out who I am.

    June 15th means quarterly tax payments are due,
    If I can't get paid I'll end up living in a shoe.

    Someone needs to get this mess fixed soon.
    I hope to hell it happens before June.

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