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    LinkShare Now Holding Two Months Worth Of Checks
    About a month ago I should have receved checks from all of my LS merchants that followed the rules and paid LS on time. Right about now I should be receiving the second check from those same set of merchants. I contacted one of them and, yes, they did send LS my April commissions the first of May. So now LS is behind two months payments for me.

    How long are you merchants going to put up with this????

    I know we affiliates won't be! (and that should be a real clue to merchants that they better take action or you will be seeing your affiliate leaving in droves)
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    My two largest merchants have both return-emailed me to say they have approved and sent payment to Linkshare for both March and April. March was, of course, done a month ago.


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    Tough month for me. I got one check from one LS merchant. Nothing else.

    Maybe because I was out of the country for six weeks, could not access the internet, and missed the verification deadline they are holding my money.

    That is a sorry excuse. They should have given fair warning. There was no info in that verification that they did not already have anyways.

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    Plus all unresolved payments/issues previous to Feb.

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    EVERYTHING between you and your merchants is negotiable.

    That includes payments

    If you have "large checks" from certain merchants that are in limbo, contact the merchant and ask that they send the check themselves and then cancel the check in the linkshare interface.

    You can't do it with merchants that only owe you 3 bucks, but I do it with my bread and butter merchants.

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