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    While reading through the ToolKing newsletter I was saddened to see in the Top Affiilates section. I am also puzzled over the number one on that list too. I haven't quite figured out (with a quick look-over of the site) how they are earning ANY commission, let alone that number one spot. ?????

    Top Affiliates
    1403% Pay Per Click Tools
    596% SmartQpon1
    536% The Network
    454% jumpondeals
    353% Zuvio
    231% LookSmart
    (Based on percentage increase in sales from March to April 2005)

    So, ToolKing, any chance of you cleaning house of at least Ebates?

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    Bumping this up so Chuck can see it today and hopefully respond.
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    Michelle: I was searching around for BHO information and did a search on ToolKing which brought me here. The report I used was based on percent of sales increase for the month of April versus March. I was trying to give credit to affiliates regardless of sales volume so it wouldn't be based on super affiliates who have high traffic and volume.

    Boy did this open a can of worms!!!!! I am trying to do a proper investigation to find out how to handle this. Before I axe anyone I will talk with Linkshare's compliance team to see what they are doing to keep cheaters out and I will talk to the affiliate in question. I have a list of 4 that I will have to work through.

    I did find out that 180solutions was monitored and warned. They chose to leave LinkShare rather than comply with their agreement. I was informed when I first came on board last month that 180solutions was terminated for questionable methods.

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    Michelle: To further answer your question. Many of my affilliates run multiple sites. A number are doing PPC, newsletters, ezines, emails. An affiliate told me that LinkShare will be reporting the actual links in their transaction logs. I look at those daily and make a report for management and also I can contact new affiliates.

    This one appears to be legit, let me know if you know otherwise.

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