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    Can a record be excluded if one field is empty?
    Hi, Richard and all.

    I will be using WebMerge to post a simple Excel spreadsheet on my site. The spreadsheet consists of 12 columns and 200 rows. I need to be able to create html files that show only rows (records) where Field10 is not empty and alternate color of rows. I was able to get most of what I need to work in about an hour, except for not including rows where Field10 is not empty. Am I missing something simple here? How can this be implemented? Below is excerpt from the template file. Thank you.

    <tr [WM-If CurrentRecordNumber mod 2] bgcolor="CCCCCC" [WM-Else] bgcolor="FFFFFF" [/WM-If] >
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field1]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field2]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field3]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field4]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field5]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field6]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field7]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field8]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field9]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field10]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-Field: Field11]</td>
    <td width="74">&nbsp;[WM-If: Field: Field12 < 0]
    <font color="#FF0000">[WM-Field: Field12 ]</font>
    <font color="#006600">[WM-Field: Field12 ]</font>




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    The WM-If tag support multiple criteria in v2.4, and one of those can be FieldName = empty
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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    Thanks, Richard, but I did try multiple conditions and using "fieldname = empty" before my first post. It does not work because as you can see in my code above, there are 2 other "if/then" statements, so the only way to play it it here, would be nesting, which is not yet supported in 2.4. Any other ideas?

    If not, I will have to further "massage" my data feed before WebMerge gets a hold of it for processing, in order to deal with this problem, until you succumb to requests for nesting support.

    Otherwise this thing is great! Saves me all the PHP headaches.

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