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    Question Tips on CJ data feeds?
    Hey everyone. I FINALLY hit $10,000 in sales at CJ this month, so I've requested access to the data feeds....

    Does anyone have any advice for a new CJ user?! I'm using merchant feeds right now, but they are all so scattered and messed up, I thought I'd give the CJ feeds a try.

    Newbie calling for comments on anything you learned the hard way so I don't have to deal with the same pain!

    Thank you in advance for all of your comments!


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    Does anyone have any advice for a new CJ user?!
    Here's a couple of tips that come to mind right away:

    Watch out for oddball characters in the feeds from some of their merchants. A lot of them are fine, but occasionally there'll be one that'll have all kinds of junk mixed in with the text (primarily affects Name and Description fields).

    Eventually you'll get to know which merchant's stuff will need cleaning, and which ones you can just run.

    Also, don't get "wedded" to the idea of the feed coming in at a specific time. I've found that it usually comes on the NIGHT specified (like, near midnight...not "business hours"), or at some point before CJ opens the next day. But on a few occasions, it'll come the next day. Also on a few occasions, it'll come earlier, during the day specified.
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    Thanks Leader!

    So do they let you pick which feeds to get? They have yet to respond to my request.... of course!

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