From the January Affiliate Newsletter:

2. Are you using software that redirects traffic or other questionable marketing tactics?

During the past quarter there has been a significant amount of discussion in various affiliate marketing message boards about software programs that redirect traffic from one affiliate site to another. The affiliates that are using this software are increasing their commissions at the expense of others. does not support these traffic-redirecting marketing practices or any other questionable marketing practices! In early December requested that one of our affiliate partners, who was using a traffic-redirecting software product, discontinue listing as an option. This particular partner would not comply so the partnership was discontinued by December 15, 2002. This was the first step.

Please note that if you are using a traffic-redirecting product or are planning on implementing such a product this is to serve as notice that is requesting to be removed as an option. Please note that is not asking to discontinue the partnership. is only requesting not to be included in the redirect database. This change is effective immediately. The standard terms and conditions will be updated in the following month to reflect this new policy.

Anyone know if they are referring to Ebates? is not on Ebates All Stores list.