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    CJ Mail About Recent Issues
    For those that might not get it for some reason:

    Dear Trust N. One,

    As you may know, in recent weeks we have been experiencing CJ Account Manager™ stability and reporting issues. These issues were a side effect of our ongoing efforts to ensure system scalability. Our database architecture is critical to high-volume transaction processing and is a key component of our solution. And we continuously work to make sure the architecture is up-to-date. Unfortunately, problems were introduced with the most recent upgrade of our Oracle database and reporting backlogs resulted. While we were troubleshooting and fixing the situation we attempted to keep you current of the situation via the CJ Account Manager and we have now resolved upgrade-related issues. Our database software is sound and reporting is back to normal. We expect no further side effects.

    In short proximity to completing our Oracle database upgrades, we experienced an unexpected hardware failure within our network operating system. We have always taken great measures to ensure that our system is fault tolerant and redundant by utilizing industry-leading hardware and software. However, in this particular instance, a failure occurred on the back-up component of a core network switch at 5:11 AM PDT on Friday, May 13, 2005. As a result, the internal network became unresponsive. Our monitoring system notified operations personnel of the situation immediately, and we responded within minutes. The system was stabilized by 6:54 AM PDT. As we completed the switch repair, we experienced a 41 minute partial outage beginning at 11:37 PM PDT, May 16. During the two periods mentioned above a portion of transactions were not reported and therefore not recorded by our system. Since the completion of system repairs, all systems have been capturing and recording transactions normally.

    All of us who rely on the Internet for our business operations understand that outages do occur and cannot be completely controlled, even with the best redundancy measures in place. We continue to do our very best to ensure that our solutions will scale and have extremely high availability. When the unexpected does occur we have worked hard to develop back-up procedures that will minimize impact to our clients. In the case of this hardware issue, we estimate that the unrecorded transactions during the outage period were less than .1 percent of our monthly total. We are glad that the effect was minimal.

    As a valued client of Commission Junction, we appreciate your loyalty and will continue to invest in the dependability of the solutions on which you rely. We are committed to remaining your trusted third party in performance marketing.

    If you have any questions regarding this issue, please use the Contact Us link at the top right of the CJ Account Manager and use the "Ask a Question" feature. Client services will respond to your question as soon as possible.


    Jeff Pullen
    EVP Operations
    ValueClick, Inc.

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    Well, at least it's more than we would ever get from LS. Thank you for the note Jeff.


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    Quote Originally Posted by buy_online
    Well, at least it's more than we would ever get from LS. Thank you for the note Jeff.


    I agree with your post 100%

    I got the same email too, just like they promised.

    At least, we're able to get some info from CJ even if we don't like bad the news, but there is where it mattes the most.

    With CJ, our questions don't get ignored like in ....... you know where.

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