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    Hi everyone,

    Check out this article.

    I'm curious as to what everyone thinks of the recommended solution at the bottom of the article.


    PS. This is yesterday's news and everyone here usually posts something about 30 seconds after it hits the wires, so forgive me if it's already been discussed.

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    Maybe there's something I don't understand (wouldn't be the first time) but doesn't that just make a new page for them to hijack the traffic from?

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    Correct. That would simply give the software another page to replace the ID's. The correct way would be to do a redirect through a server side script such as PERL or PHP and put the whole thing in frames.

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    That trick might works, but I do not have parasite-ware on my computer to test it.

    A page that contains just that code redirects to the desired page, but it does not
    show up in the browser history.

    Meaning, that a click on the back button will not take you back to that redirect page (unlike Javascript or ASP (response.redirect) redirects).

    I am not the export on how to program a parasite browser plugin-in, but there is a good chance, that the parasite will not be triggered.

    I think here are some folks in the forum with parasites installed who would love to test it .

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    This type of redirect will work for BHO type parasites. The reason is because a BHO is only activated on a new page load, not a page refresh.

    The idea is that you create one of those pages for each merchant you carry, then instead of linking directly to them, you link to your page:

    That page then tells the browser to refresh itself with your affiliate link to GigaGolf. Since it's a page refresh, the BHO isn't activated and no redirect occurs.

    I'm not sure how long this method will work. But it's a good first step to protect yourself (you can also do the refresh via perl, php, etc).

    Frames. I don't advocate the use of frames any more.

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    Very few of the modern parasites are BHos.

    Framed pages prevents TopMoxie from doing its dirty deeds.

    Only problem with framed pages - cookies in IE6. If the merchant isn't p3p cookie compliant and the merchant requires cookies - you won't get the sale.

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    Only problem with framed pages - cookies in IE6. If the merchant isn't p3p cookie compliant and the merchant requires cookies - you won't get the sale.

    Does anyone have a list of the merchants that are not "p3p" compliant?

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    If they say it will work then it is good. But the problem with it is that you will have to make a separate file for each affiliate and if you want to send your code to particular product links this could be alot of work. What you should di is use a slightly more complicated javascript to create a file that will redirect your code to anyplace you want. Here is an untested example.

    <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    < !--HIDE
    var topage
    function foo() {
    var save = window.location.href
    if (save.indexOf("?") > 0)
    {save = save.substr((save.indexOf("?")+1),save.length) }
    else { save = '' }
    var whereto = save
    //STOP HIDING-->


    This will redirect them to a default affiliate page if you want someplace else you put the affiliate code after a questionmark (?)

    i.e. (send to default link) (send to

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    Somewhere on ABW another thread suggests that this method can actually be worse in that it will not be detected as an affiliate link and therefore the parasites who are actually not taking action on affiliate links will then take action on the link ...

    Without a clear understanding of how these apps work, I can't really comment.

    Seems a little fishy to me.

    If they simply monitor the URL stream they should see the linksynergy/qwksrv link and shutdown.. apparently they are dong something different, or, hiding behind this guise.

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