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    'Ransom-ware' - WTF?
    Well, it looks like we got a new problem in our hands (at least I think it's new). This is the first time I've heard of 'ransom-ware'.

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    You know, every day the real world catches up with the Slimeware Corporation:

    Finally, the user may wish to deinstall the program and stop receiving adult popups. This is the key revenue earner. The deinstaller has to be unlocked for each individual user, as specified in the license agreement. Unlocking the deinstaller is done through payment of a fee, and the longer that Porno-Pops has been installed, the larger the fee required, currently capped at $1000 for when the highly "specialist" adult material has been served. Affiliates earn 10% of this fee. If you have bought a customised advertising package, then you will earn an additional 30% of the fee.
    ..although I did see this back in 1989 with the "AIDS Information Diskette" (about three quarters of the way down that page) which spread by the dastardly means of 5.25" floppy disks sent in the post.
    Innovative advertising with Slimeware Corporation and Telephore. Mail-order fuel with Petrol Direct.

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    It's not exactly new. IT staff has been doing this kind of thing to companies for a long time.

    I knew a guy 25 years ago who was the lead communications programmer where I worked who installed a bomb in the payroll system. If one month elapsed and a check wasn't cut to his name, the bomb went off. He told me about this and seemed quite pleased with himself. He didn't tell me what would happen if the bomb went off but I got the feeling that the payroll system would be incapacitated.

    If you're in IT and you're fired, or even a lot of the time if you quit you will be escorted to your desk where you're supervised as you clean out your personal stuff. You are not allowed to touch any computers. Then they escort you to the front door. One job I quit they paid me the two weeks severance I offered and let me go that day.

    Best not to make IT staff angry, ya know?

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