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    As you all probably know scumware products bypass internet security by piggy-backing on installations to end-users computers on programs such as Kazaa, morpheus and other P2P software, gator, etc. Known programs include
    WhenU, SaveNow, etc. These programs are installed onto the end-users computer without their consent and do nothing more than change affiliate codes in cookies related to any sites the software purveyor have affiliated with or by redirecting merchants URLS via the hosts.sam file on the users computer. Other forms of theft include the highlighting of keywords on a viewed website that the software purveyor (Like WhenU) has sold at great profit to 3rd parties. Clicking on the highlighted keyword results in the user being taken away from the affiliates site. Or other programs like SaveNow open a new frame offering their links to a merchant AFTER the user has already clicked though to a merchants site via an affiliates site thus over-writing the affiliates cookie.

    Services that spam all other affiliates websites by copying their entire site and then submitting to search engine are now also endemic. These services claim to offer an unwary web surfer an improvement in some way like faster delivery of websites through the use of compression in exchange for a header and footer being
    placed on the site selling their products and are displayed close to or near the results of a websearch in a search engine to the affiliates results. As they have framed the affiliates site they have full access to modify all links on the displayed site with their own Affiliate ID.

    These publishers may appear very attractive to Merchants in the short term as they APPEAR to bring in huge sales volumes but in fact there is absolutely no change to your bottom line as all that is happening is they
    are redirecting commissions away from affiliates that have ALREADY convinced the customer to click-through to your site. In the long term this will result in the discontinuation of affiliate sites due to non-profit and a serious drop in Merchants sales figures.

    This is an unprecedented situation that threatens the future of affiliate programs and the internet itself as ALL these scumware programs ALSO use popups and large amounts of the end-users system resources, slowing down their computers and making the Internet itself a very ugly place indeed. We now live in a society where an internet surfer is required to have a program (Ad-Aware, Popup killer, etc.) installed on his/her computer that removes all adware so that he/she can browse the internet without his/her system crashing, ugly popups appearing every two seconds or the site he/she has chosen to view having links that weren't intended to be there including links that bypass content advisors controls allowing access to pornography to minors.

    The average surfer now also requires a SPAM killer program to filter out in some cases 100s of unsolicited emails that are sent by our less than upstanding brethren.

    There is only one way to stop this. For the merchants that use their services to realize scumware purveyors do not produce any sales of their own and will result in serious reductions to Merchants turnover in the long run and refuse them affiliations.

    May I commend all merchants that are already taking action with my most heartfelt thanks.


    Dirk Gardner

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    It's amazing how stupid merchants really are as they listen to the advertising industry wanks. The same industry mindsets that brought us banner blindness -OPT-OUT spammers and huge floating flash Ads. No one has ever proven me wrong when I said in Y 2001 they could fire 50% of everyone employed in the online Ad industry and not effect ecommerce sales by 1 %. Now they'll have the Gators super glueing Ads to the inside of your CRT's based upon user consent....LOL

    Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! Where's the love and show me the money?

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