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    March 23rd, 2005
    Exclamation Am I the only one...
    ...still getting this damn error message??? All of my info is correct, and I am set up as an individual entity. So what's the problem?? I received this email yesterday, after waiting since last Friday:
    Dear Lstolze,

    We apologize for the delay in answering your inquiry.

    LinkShare had some issues with the verification system, which was resolved Thursday May 19th for individual entities. If you are using your correct ss#, name and address you should be able to pass through verification. With regards to other types of entities we are still working with our verification agent to isolate potential problems.

    As of this past weekend, you're able to create entities and combine accounts even if you're not validated. You will receive a message at the end of registration that you're not validated. Once you create your entity, you will be eligable to receive your payment. A notice went out Monday May 23rd about this topic.


    Ebony L Dixon
    Manager, Affiliate Support
    LinkShare Corporation

    Fixed since the 19th? Are you serious? Then how was it that I remember people still saying they were getting the error message? Are they trying to say we're all idiots that don't know how to enter our own information?? I have had the SAME entity since I started! This is insane.... And this email doesn't 'really' address anything. And as for the notice that I know many of you got, I never did. This was my response:

    Sadly, I never received the email you are referring to. Furthermore, I have all of the right information, and am an individual entity, yet your system STILL says it can not verify me. I have had the same entity info for over a year now. Instead of giving me some vague response that you are giving to everyone, could you please look into my problem? I also want to know what verification agent you are using, as it is my legal right to know.



    The ONLY thing I can think of is that they are using a crap verification service... I have been married for a little over a year and a half, and all of my important records (credit reports, etc.) have been updated for a very long time. However, I know for a fact that some lesser organizations have my name and address from like 5 years ago, and haven't updated since then! I refuse to enter wrong info just to get a check cut. I know many of you are stuck in that problem, and that smesser is saying 3 - 4 weeks for a fix - I am not waiting another 3 - 4 weeks.

    I am so frustrated! LS used to be my favorite network, but now.... I think I'll have a heart attack if I log on there one day and the error is GONE - I won't believe it....

    ~Lisa - Brilliant Mastermind, or Nut? You decide!

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    I feel your pain. I'm not getting the error message anymore but I have no idea whats going. I know I haven't recieved a check from them for March and April....

    I was getting the not validated message but it never let me change anything and all the info was correct so I am not doing anything for awhile....luckily the money is not urgent....its definitely needed but I can do without it for awhile just to save me the aggravation. I would ignore the message if your not totally relying on the money and wait until they get it figured out...

    If that ever happens

    as i'm trying to type my 2 yr old is climbing all over me ugh time to go "play"

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    Yea, same problem here and I just love the form letter responses.. How about someone actually look into the problem once an affiliate e-mails you?? I especially loved this email..

    LinkShare is working to resolve the verification issue. Once resolved,
    you should have no problems registering if you are using your correct tax id, name
    and address. In the meantime, you
    are able to access your account to run reports, create links, etc., by clicking on
    the 'Back to Home page link that is available above the Live Chat button. We
    appreciate your patience in this matter and apologize for this inconvenience

    Checks will not be sent out to affiliates whose information has not been verified.
    You should have the opportunity to correct your information by next week. Should
    your registration be completed then you should receive your check by the last week of
    May. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    So they are saying they know they have a problem with the process but still won't send out the checks until it's working and you are verified??

    Luckily I'm not expecting much so I can wait but take the darn error message away until you figure out what's going on..

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    I thought I was missing something after going around in circles for 1/2 hour....

    Is there any word on this?

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