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    May 12th, 2005
    Lightbulb Need help w/ website devoted to educating merchants re:parasiteware & norton issues
    Please check out the following thread over at the cafe:

    I am looking for people with the programming skills to create a site that emulates the usability of so that affiliates can easily spread the word to as many affiliate managers as possible about the negative impacts of both parasiteware and Norton's ad-blocking with as little effort as possible. has been incredibly successful in their viral grassroots campaigns to make a difference. If we could create such a site with push-button publishing of letters to AM's, far more affiliates would be likely to get involved and try to collectively try to shut down the parasites (as well as to get merchants involved in leaning on norton to not strip out affiliate links). The beauty of is that they make it so easy for people to get involved and be heard without much effort on each individual's part. I'm willing to do the work and put together the info and host the site - but I don't have the necessary programming skills to emulate's functionality. Know anyone who does?

    Please don't respond to this thread, but instead go to the cafe thread at so as to have all thoughts on this subject in the same place. I felt it was important to post a link to that thread here, to make sure all of those who are strongly opposed to parasiteware got a look at the thread..

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help with what I hope will be a successful project!

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    Any good web site which gives the correct answers to postive questions is best. but please leave out the spin.

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