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    January 18th, 2005
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    Just got this in my email....


    I hope this finds everyone well rested after the Mother's Day holiday! We here at FTD.COM are preparing for another exciting year, laying the ground work so that we all can beat our goals next year!

    In order to keep up with the ever changing technology in affiliate marketing, we have made a few updates to our Terms and Conditions. Please take a few minutes to review the changes outlined below in order to verify that you are in compliance.

    LinkShare Partner Agreement Change:

    [Added to Section 13, under eleventh bullet "facilitating the delivery of 'spam' email;]

    *Utilizing pop-ups, pop-unders, automatic link transfers/URL re-directs; or anything similar as determind by the Merchant.
    *Utilizing any form of advertising or link transfers that are triggered by users visiting a particular web site or category of sites (e.g., flower, gift, or shopping sites); including but not limited to advertising or link transfers triggered by users visiting Merchant's site, any web sites hosted by Merchant, or any FTD member's web site.
    *Providing any form of advertising or email that Merchant finds at its sole discretion to be presented in a misleading or deceptive manner.

    We appreciate your assistance and ongoing partnership!



    goal: $5000 a month by 11/26
    Financial free by 2004.
    Jason- Santa Cruz, CA

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    What ...FTD coming out of the 1 day cookie closet and getting tired of seeing all the Flower merchant coupons and sepcials popping up over their own BHO offerings. They have a point in thta I see more ProFlowers and 1-800-flowers BHO popups.

    Would be nice if they came here and tried to recruit based upon some great landing pages and DHTML displays.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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    I applaud FTD. Hopefully a few more merchants will follow them in this regard.

    "Don't let yesterday take up to much of today."

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    Yet another merchant spewing hogwash. Someone needs to remind them about their affiliation with Ebates.

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