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    Adult Site Disclaimer.
    Hi All, Im looking into creating an adult gifts section, No Pr0n or Toys, just pretty much stuff related to romance, such as karma sutra related gifts, and some edible thingies. Since I intend this section to only be viewed by legal adults, I would like to post up a disclaimer to protect myself. Is there a place that I can get a free generic Adult Content disclaimer? I dont wanna copy a disclaimer from the millions of adult sites out there, and I want to be able to format the content to my needs. I have tried google with the following querys Free "Adult Site Disclaimer" and "Adult Site Disclaimer" but that just brung me to the pr0n...

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Will your other merchants and webhost allow it? I once had a Dr.Ruth ad in my sites, and all hell came down.Just wondering?

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    This is for my retail site. Im still searching tho.

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