***** DISCLAIMER *****

It is impossible to assess the possbility of a merchant's relationship with every parasite. Therefore, I have choosen 4 widely circulated parasite's as the test. I will not say which ones, and I may add to the list or change the list over time. I feel that if a merchant has a tendancy to accept parasite's as affiliates, they should turn up at least once on one of the 4 merchant lists. Only merchants who did not show any lists tested are included.

Whether an affiliate is a parasite is based off the definition posted at the top of every page in this forum, not the Network's COC.

ParasiteWareâ„¢ - is technology (including, but not restricted to, browser helpers, browser plug-ins, toolbars and pop ups/sliders) that knowingly or unknowingly undermines or removes another affiliate's ability to compete by changing, intercepting or redirecting an affiliate link. Parasitewareâ„¢ may be installed knowingly or unknowingly by the end user, altering their normal web browser functions and/or installing a third party application that works through the user's altered browser.

This list is meant only as a guide for affiliates to assist them in making merchant partnership decisions. Though every effort will be made to keep this list up to date, ultimately every affiliate must perform due diligenece themselves in assessing merchant partnerships.

***** END DISCLAIMER *****

Don't be discouraged at the brevity of the list. I've only just started compiling it and will be adding more merchants as I research. I will make changes to this thread as more information is gathered or associations change.

I will also be locking this thread. I would like a place that is just a list of merchants and do not want the merchants to be lost is a sea of comments. Please feel free to start another thread if you have comments, suggestions, etc. Also please feel free to PM me if you know a merchant that you feel should be on the list or if a merchant is listed that you know has a relationship with a parasite. I will investigate and up date the list as necessary.

Links go directly to the merchant's sign-up page. Let's support those merchants who support us!

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More to come......

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