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    Newbie question ?
    Hello Everyone,

    This is my newbie question about datafeeds. Is it something that has to be requested directly from an affiliate manager ?

    Or can it be downloaded directly from within commission junction for example. I tried looking for a datafeed within cj but could not find anything.

    I am looking for an example datafeed that I can play around with just to learn how to use it. Any recommendations ?

    I do have have some PHP/MYSQL knowledge so I should be ok setting it up.


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    Might check the thread above you for Free Datafeeds - CJ and Linkshare require a $200 or so setup fee and then their datafeeds are free after that. CJ and Linkshare recommend that you start with only a few until you have your system working - some are fairly large - Walmart at ~ a gig.


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    Some aff programs offer a datafeed to all affs. Others are very selective in who they provide the feed to. Regardless, there are plenty of free feeds out there for you to get sarted with. Don't pay for a feed until you've got some experience to make sure you're making a good investment.

    Good luck,

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