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    tax bill
    i was able to mail my tax payment on april 15 by certified mail with return receipt.

    then i received a bill from the irs for interest on the very same payment - for the period from april 15 to april 23. april 23 being the day that they supposedly received the check.

    the amount is small anyway, but i'm just wondering if the bill was sent by mistake, since this is the first time that this thing happened even though i always mail my payment and return on april 15.

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    In theory, if it was postmarked by 4/15 and sent to the correct collection center, they are supposed to consider it as filed on the date it was mailed. In practice, you have to be able to prove that you mailed it on that date and that your return was actually in the envelope for which you received the return receipt.

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    the certified mail receipt was postmarked 4/15 alright and it was sent to the correct p.o. box (collections, not refunds, for my area).

    the certified mail (which has a tracking code) was the only mail that i sent to the irs this april, and they were able to receive it. i think that if they want to claim that i sent 2 mailings instead of 1, then they should come up with a second postmark date or tracking number, because on my part, it's impossible to prove something that do not exist.
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