I like the new, Get Links feature on the Activity Summary Center Page.

On the same page, we also have:
Click to Compare - Quit Program - Approved?

I don't see the need for any of those three columns on that page.

I might be wrong and alone on this, but in that specific page, I don't see why I would need those three extra fields.

1 - Click to Compare - Click to Compare what?
When I go to that page, I just want to see the Activity Summary of my merchants and my progress with those merchants.

I like these info there:
Comm-Month - Comm-Total - Hits-Month - Sales-Month - Sales-Total - Conv.-Month - Conv.-Total - EPC-Month - EPC-Total - Merchant Contact - Get Links

2 - Quit Program - To me, that is the wrong place to have that option, think about it....... ...... Anyone can be tempted to click Yes right there and then, just because........ - - - ..... so think about it.

3 - Approved? - If I am able to see the new Get Links feature on that page, I would assume that I was already approved by that merchant, other wise it would have to say Pending or Rejected Application or just No!

Extra note: Just by not having those three extra fields on that page...
I don't have to scroll sideways <------- ------->

So those where my only lonely Comments and Suggestions for the Activity Summary Center Page.


Disclaimer: I am not complaining about anything on ShareASale on this post. Ok?