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    A suggestion for a new report
    Hello Brian;

    I have a suggestion that needs to be looked into. We have under reports that we can check for sales and commisions BUT not in one report.

    I want to be able to check the number of sales that go thru that resulted in commisions being paid out. I have many sales listed but because of bad cc or other reasons they resut in zero commissions but are listed as sales, and the affiliate is notified of a sale even thou the commisison is zero.

    This throws my reporting off and can confuse the affiliate. The only thing I can do is keep all the email's that come to me and then subtract the zero commission sales from the total number of sales.

    Can you not set it for sales that would ONLY show if they resulted in a monetary value? Also that email's to affiliates would only go out if there is a commission to be paid.

    This would help everyone I am sure.



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