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    Question Would You Trade Links With These Sites?
    I received an invitation to trade links (on my camping site) with

    To me these look almost like duplicate sites. They are indexed but have no Google PR yet since they were just registered in late March.

    Would you trade links with them?
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    Nope. Those 3 and the mother site ( have almost no content and more importantly, other than crosslinking, they have no inbound links.

    Unless you are also just getting started, I'd say there's no value (pr, traffic, reach, connections, unique content, compelling info, following, indexing, directory reg's) in it for you.

    Tell them to contact you again once they've got a little momentum.

    If you have niche sites in exactly the same space as these, I'd link now anyhow. Nothing looks fishy to me - just very slim on the value exchange.

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    They're fairly ugly, even to me. But that in itself isn't necessarily a reason to refuse...

    I might link with one of them (any one), but not all of them. The 3 have such similar layouts that they do look like dups, even though upon closer examination I saw that the main article content was indeed different. I didn't go further into the sites, but if the same holds true throughout, the only thing really duplicated is the layout. (Check and see if the articles are original, though--if they're not, their sites might get zapped with a duplicate-content penalty even though they're not duplicating each other...)

    The robots can see that the articles are different from each other, but your human visitors might think you're linking to a bunch of crapola if you put all 3 links in and they just scan the sites instead of reading them. Whether that matters depends on whether your links page is intended to be of use to humans, or is just there to do recips.

    As for the lack of inbounds, that could be because he just started his linking campaign (probably after realizing that crosslinking 4 PR0 sites = just more PR0).

    For link exchanges in general, I've found that even though the initial value is low, one of the best bets is linking with people who are actively doing link campaigns. Their w*rk often will cause them to get decent PR in the future, and that's when the return comes. It's a lot easier to get a link from someone who's asking when they've got PR0 or PR1 and wait for the rise, than to get one after they get to PR5 or 6 and suddenly get really, really picky about who they'll link to.
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