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    Ebay transactions...
    Geeze........... I just posted my first ads for Ebay yesterday and an email appeared in my CJ account yesyerday stating that Ebay transactions have not posted since the 27th. What is up with that?

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    Not sure what happened but eBay transactions stopped recording this weekend.. I noticed Sunday morning.. checking my stats, I had zippo ebay dimes from Saturday. I typically get anywhere from 50-100 so I knew something was amiss.. ditto on Sunday.. I immediately check Abest web for the scoop and found that a lot of affiliates noticed it too.. confirmed my suspician that something was up with either CJ or Ebay..

    Got the email this morning from eBay, it read like the issue was on CJ's side. That is how it read, it didn't come out and say who screwed up.

    The bids are showing up now, and some from the weekend.. I don't think they have all showed up or at least all that I would expect.. could of been a slow weekend.. probably was with the holiday.. I got 80 bids from the past weekend.. close enough for government work.

    To be honest, I have been pushing ebay pretty hard for about 6 months now and this is the first MAJOR Glitch I have seen with bids.. as far as new accts go.... I still don't think they track those correctly, cause if they do.. everybody signed up in one week about 3 months ago and there is NOBODY left who hasn't already signed up for eBay, which could be closer to the truth..

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