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    New to affiliate programs and Sharesale
    I'm new to the affiliate program and sharesale. I get the basic concept. Put a link or banner on your site and hopefully someone clicks it and buys something. I get about 1,500 unique visitors a day to my t-shirt site and have put a couple of other affiliate site banners up. I've made about $150 in commissions in the last month or so.

    Anyone have any advice? What can I read to learn this program? Should I create pages with data feeds on them, or should I just have banners?

    Not sure if this affiliate thing is hurting me by my own site losing sales or not.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Welcome to Affiliate Marketing and to SaS!

    Use datafeeds. They convert much better than clicks on banners. And if you do not promote competitor products on your website (but, say, T-shirts that you would've never been selling on your own anyway), I do not see that it would hurt your own sales. On the contrary, you will generate profit that is totally free of the credit card processing, shipping & handling, and all that 'mess'... By the way, we feature a nice selection of Soviet-oriented T-shirts, Thomas!

    Have fun, and best of luck!


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