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    is cj paypal-compatible?
    is cj paypal-compatible?

    i'm about to put up the links but i just want to be sure we get to have our fair share.

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    Your question is very confusing. What does paypal have to do with anything? If somebody clicks on your link to, then cj should track any purchases made through that link. If accepts paypal as a method of payment, that should have nothing to do with your sale ... any more than if somebody pays with a credit card.

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    In other words, waytogo, if you're asking if CJ will track the sale paid for by PayPal - YES, it will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy
    If somebody clicks on your link ..., then cj should track any purchases made through that link.
    your assumption, generally speaking, is false.

    just like a buyer clicking on your link and ending up buying by phone. you can get the click, but not the commish (unless the merchant gives it to you on its own but that's another story)

    the point-of-sale tracking protocol has to be followed for the purchase to be tracked, even if you get the click.
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