Good News!

We've decided we really want to take the opportunity to get you all on our team this summer!!!

So, we've extended our *"Get Linking" Promotion!

Have you signed up with but not had time to put up links?
Have you not even signed up? I'm shocked ;-)

If either of these apply to you,

1 - Sign Up
2 - Get a text or creative link up
3 - EMAIL me to put you on my watchdog list
4 - As soon as you get a sale, you get a $5 Bonus on top of our high
5 - You get a SMILE on your face.
6 - I get a SMILE on my face because you are part of our team!

*This promotion will run though August 31st - However from the date you EMAIL me to include you in promotion you will have 60 Days to receive your first sale in order to receive your $5 Bonus.

Hope to have you on our team!

Best of Luck,
Amanda Hayes