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    M$ AntiSpyware and Cookies
    From the M$ web site FAQ's:

    Q.Why doesn’t Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) detect cookies? Do you plan to detect these in future versions of the software?A.Because many cookies are used for legitimate purposes, our plan is to refine our approach to cookies based on customer feedback we receive during the beta period.

    There could possibly be a change when it comes out of beta. Guess it depends on what the customer feedback is during the beta period.

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    You, Ben, guy from Doxdesk or others can get together or on your own and make a site. I was thinking ________Wash. Affiliate friendly, get rid of any viruses, adware, spyware, maybe a bunch of people getting together who know the ins and out of this stuff. Get affiliates to link to it. Get it washed. Go to site, click a big Wash button, something like a Car Wash. Get their computers clean. Can even have a cutesy little animated gif of a computer shakin the water off after it's all nice and clean

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    Sounds cute Trusty ... but what about the stinkin software (not just the Java script)? That ain't free and to sell someone else's ... under the name will cost a pretty penny. Co-branding is a route but the marketing money needed to make any sort of dent wouldn't be made because the software writer won't track for sh!t ... trust ME, I've been down the road a multitutde of times - even had 750K desktops ready to be approached and cleaned and my software co-brand f'ed up ... it wasn't pretty.
    Continued Success,

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    Closing thread that 2 other mods have deleted spam from already today, and I'm getting rid of the third.

    Suddenly is a spam magnet.
    Deborah Carney

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