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    I admire the stands many merchants have taken here in dropping scumware affiliates. I'd like to suggest that merchants are in the best position to educate visitors infected with parasites by installing parasite detector scripts on their sites.

    Merchants can be far more effective than small publishers in educating the public through the use of these scripts. I use Andrew Clover's script from on my sites but can only scan the browsers of a couple thousand visitors per day. It detects a visitor using an infected browser, informs them and provides removal information. I receive emails from some visitors thanking me for detecting these and all seem to have no idea where the infection came from. I don't know if the doxdesk script is the most comprehensive script but it is a good start.

    The merchant's site is the last line of defense against infected visitors. A parasite warning from a well-known merchant would have more credibility than one from small sites like mine.

    I'd like to see a campaign to get detection scripts on high-traffic sites where the largest number of infected browsers can be detected. I think this could not only help stem the spread of infected browsers, but merchants who take the moral high ground could wear a "badge of honor" on their websites.

    A savvy mega-merchant could offer this as a "public service." This is a ready-made issue for someone to become the "leader." I suggested to Amazon that they could become the leader in cleaning up parasite-infected computers. In the quiet of the night, you can still hear them laughing.


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    I've actually thought about this and think the idea has merit.

    My only concern is that I've gotton so many of those popup ads that tell me that my computer is infected with something; or running too slow; that I tend to think that a message telling a user that his computer is infected with a parasite would be seen as just another scare tactic ad.

    So I'm conflicted.

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    I know people detest popups and would give it as much credibility as a viagra ad. The script I use returns a parasite warning in the body of the page. If an infected visitor saw a parasite warning message everytime they visited Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, or Google, or CNN, or any reputable, high traffic site, I believe they would take the warning seriously.

    I know some people take the message they see on my sites seriously enough to follow the removal instructions and let me know about it. My point is that sites with much higher traffic than mine (merchant sites) need to pick up the ball and help out here.


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    Brillant idea and one all ABW merchants and Am's should bring immediately to their powers to be...

    Imagine the impact of a Overstock have a web browser cleaning service with a million visitors per day. They'd like to sneak back into the good graces of ABW and if Shawn is lurking here he can get this done in a heart beat. Added benefit is a cleaned machine is less likely to install a cookie killing Ad Blocker if they get a free drive-thru inspection on repeat visits.

    Also we as a group need to promote the AltaVista tool bar. They need to be boosted as a search source against the likes of Yahoo and Looksmart who have gone to the darkside. Great tool bar with a harmless popup Ad blocker (one click on/off feature) and the hidden benefit of a site search and language converter.
    Check it out.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    The one thing that I have noted since our installing the parasite detection script is that our sales have actually fallen dramatically from our out source merchant products.

    It appears that the adaware program is so good ... it is actually causing us to lose sales from the viewers deleting their cookies for our "long term trialware products" (which is where we have seen a 40%+ decrease in sales averages since adding the code to any/all "long term trialwares". (I'm guessing the adaware users are just deleting everything marked as parasite which is a large portion of affiliate tracking services cookies that our partners use).

    This has not caused a problem for our special build software products with built in ID# from our partner services, or our own products sold from our sales cart.

    It has dropped enough for us to seriously reconsider if the benefits of informing our visitors is worth the revenue losses incurred in doing so.

    We are talking a good chunk of change that helps cover our operation expenses which have now got to come from the remaining (roughly 60%) of profit we are making (struggling). This has turned our outsource partner products to almost a stale mate situation.

    It is almost not worth sending our visitors off of our site because of the known issues of our "going to lose this commission issue if over 1 day to decide if buying because we are happily telling them to delete our commission with this parasite detection script in place and telling them to download this cookie remover".

    If our service had 1 million viewers a day .. I can certainly say (w/hard lump knowing the backlash we will probably get for saying this) we would immediately remove the parasite detection script based on that type of traffic volume.

    We would be talking a serious amount of revenue loss in comparison to the current parasite issues we lose revenue to.

    I am stating this on a realistic business concept view and not about "public awareness program" terms.

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