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    I recently had a site which was doing very well in the search engines deindexed while I was "away" from computer access for a few weeks. In my attempts to figure out why I found a broken link to my privacy policy, which I fixed but google still is not picking up pages.

    When I do an allinurl it returns as the first indexed page this:


    none of my other sites that are O.K. show these extra characters " %5C%22/ "

    Has anyone run across this? When I click on the link it comes up with page not found. I'm thinking whatever that is, is what has gotten me deindexed since the site has no funnybusiness whatsoever. No duplicate content or any other things that would get me banned. Its PR4 and that is still intact.



    p.s. just checked if you add those characters to the end of any url IE won't do anything it just sits there...I'm totally confused...
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    There are a lot of them with that in the index

    It's some kind of HTML character set symbol.

    What do you get when you search for - any pages at all from the site?

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    Yes a whole 15 pages LOL it used to have 6000 indexed. The url with the symbols doesnt come up. Maybe it was some thing left behind from an old htaccess file I was using that wasn't working properly.

    Ug back to the quest of trying to get it reindexed.

    Thanks webworker

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    urls don't like spaces and weird characters - so they get translated at times.
    ues this tool to switch between encoded and unencoded:
    (or this chart:

    %5c%22 = \"

    Looks like you had a programmijg error that was putting \" onto the end of your directories or file names and you got indexed this way.

    Check the cache'd version at Google and see...

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