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    email settings in CJ
    Hi Everyone,

    I am curious, how many of you have changed your email settings in CJ to allow emails to be sent directly to your email account instead of the CJ mail?

    I have found it paradoxical that many affiliates say that they want to be contacted often by affiliate managers, but in my experience less than 20% of affiliates have made the change to their email settings in CJ. We all know that very few affiliates use the CJ mail interface, so the emails aren't going too far. I'm not sure, but I don't think that CJ has done a great job of advertising this feature, but I might have missed something and would welcome a correction on that.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Alyssa O'Mara
    CardScan, Inc.

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    Nope you didn't miss anything. It is not clear on set up that email will go to your CJ Interface. As an AM I find I just have to search my publishers direct emails out in order to get a direct email. I do this because it is much more efficient to send a direct email than an email through the interface.

    You could mention something about it in your joining email if you find it to big a problem, asking the publisher to email you with their best contact info. That is what I've done.

    Hope this helps.


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    To frustrate further, once accepting publishers and sending the automated "Welcome" letter via CJ interface, many of those get returned as well. I like the idea of adding to the "joining" letter-if you are referring to where prospective publishers are looking at the merchant's program. We put the "how to" opt-in for our updates in our welcome letter thinking that with so many "newbies", we may actually have to spell out how to opt-in and where to do it; of course, that is where we found non-deliverable emails too.

    I suppose I will head to CJ for their feedback, and add something to our joining letter of how to recieve our updates. Perhaps they CAN do a better job educating the publishers about the feature.

    On the flipside, I did read here that many publishers prefer not to have all of that email coming through. I suppose one solution is to have a log-in on a merchant's site where a publisher can view past program newsletters, etc. A long-programming battle I am sure my IT guys would love me now!


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