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    Starting Questions
    Well, i am reading as much as i can on this forum and a few others, i feel i have really found something that will work. I am a college student, and the thought of being able to pay a good chunk of my tuition feels really good. I have a few questions though.

    The problem is i only have about 150-200 dollars to start my affililate career.

    1) where to start? - What links should i be reading, what forums are good, any ebooks that are helpful? Basically any good reading for cheap (prefer free!)
    2) how much bandwith do i need - So far i think i would be best making small niche sites, how much bandwith and disk space should a 10-30 page site need?
    3) My first goal is to make 1 dollar a day per site by the end of the 2nd week of June, is this possible? Should i push that back? Any tips, ideas, suggestions?

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    Well in response to your hosting:

    I chose Hosting Plex... only 94 bucks for 2 years 120 gigs of bandwith a month 5 gigs webspace and up to 6 domains. Don't worry i am not affiliated with them at is just what worked with me. I fell into the trap of getting to little hosting with little room for growth or add on domains. The downtime is minimal and great that is my bit of advice for ya.

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    anks106 - Here's a good thread to read, full of some good ideas. It might help with getting your plan underway.

    Also I started affiliate marketing with $0 money invested. I started on a free hosting plan. DON'T do that. My site was so successful it kept getting turned off before the end of each month for bandwidth use. Anyway you should be able to get started with a small hosting fee.

    Here's a thread on web hosting:

    Also it takes time to get a website well established and for the search engines to index your pages. So, I'm not sure your 2nd week in June is a realistic time frame.

    Good Luck!

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    Create one site, and make the topic something you are passionate about. Create lots of content, and keep graphics to the minimum. Find a cheap host that offers easy upgrades in case you need bandwidth. Consider hosts that only cost 2 or 3 bucks a month - to start with all you need is to be indexed by search engines, which doesn't require a blazingly fast server.

    Once the site is large and useful, tell the world about it - ask for links, submit to directories, try 5 cent ads on Google.

    Then... look for an affiliate program that suits the content. By now the topic and content may have mutated more than you expected, and a revenue stream that wasn't apparant early on might be now. Experiment with AdSense and similar to find one that makes profits.

    Don't be satisfied with $1 a week!


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