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    Should I be Getting MAD???
    Or am I just naive and this is how things are?

    When looking at logs and at my "competition" I have run across quite a few pages that are just metarefreshes onto the merchants site.

    Are these spidered redirects that were "accidentally" indexed?
    Why would a redirect be listed in froogle or first pages of serps if there is no content on them.

    I think the thing that is REALLY pissing me off is one inparticular is an ABW'er.
    I'm hoping that it is just improperly spidered redirects.

    Anyone want to enlighten me? I've pm'ed a few AM's about specific incedents but have not heard back. Is this something I shouldn't worry my pretty little head over??

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    A meta refresh re-direct to a merchants site from a SERP link is a cookie stuffing plot by that ABWer. Not wanting the shopper to see their sites page is a dead give-away of doorway pages with the perp hiding behind the lame site copier excuse worn out here for years.
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