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    295 has removed all affiliates who utilize downloadable applications. Check out this post for more information.

    Feel free to contact myself or Andy with any questions relating to

    Thank you,

    Michael Abolafia
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    We've been chatting quite a bit lately about parasites. I am concerned because I'm sure I use quite a few merchants with parasites and don't know how best to proceed. Should I remove all merchants with parasites? If so, what if I am currently making money with them? And finally how do I know who is safe to use and who is not?

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    Jack - It's your business - You need to decide if your willing to work with merchants who partner with parasites. Some merchants just don't care if we quit especially if we don't generate significant numbers for them - other ones get a clue and wake up and kick the parasites out.

    Nobody can tell you what you should do - You have to make this decision all for yourself.

    Besides why the worry now - when others were discussing this very issue of Parasites you told them they were silly and now your asking people to make the decision for you?

    Keep reading the parasite forum, there is plenty of information here that will tell you how to determine if a merchant works with parasites. Actually one of the people that you laughed at and told them they were silly has a site that tells you if merchants are parasite free.. too bad you insulted them.
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