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    Sorting datafeeds
    Many merchants use several different feeds. I know that WM has the feature to sort the feed by whatever column you need to. I need to be able to sort it twice. Can anyone tell me how to do this?
    For instance, I need to sort by Category, then Subcategory in ascending order. I have my pages being named after SubCat, so in order to keep from showing multiple links for the same URL, I sort by subcat, but I need to sort by Cat first to make all the links show up right.
    They are all showing up now, but not in any kind of order.
    Any idea on how to do with without having to do it manually?

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    The trick is to sort the recoreds in excel first use the sort function there. This allows you to sort by selected column save the file then run webmerge. To save time in the future turn on macro recording and record what you do then save the macro for use again.


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