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    May 7th, 2005
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    My current script is working OK - lots of html pages, though. Do I have to migrate to the new DYSE: version - or is this just a recommendation so as to cut down on server space. Thanks

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    You can keep using if you want to.

    The DySE::BettyMills script is faster, takes up less disk space, runs via the web browser, works just like all the other DySE scripts. The URL's of the product details pages are the same in and DySE::BettyMills so you can easily migrate.

    If you're just starting with, then we recommend using instead of

    If your server does not support mod_rewrite, then use since it creates actual .html files (DySE uses mod_rewrite and the webpages are virtual).

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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    May 7th, 2005
    Thanks David
    I have already sent you key request for Rockler & House of Nutrition - I will wait until I get those and I have them running right before I mess with BettyM. Thanks.
    Note: GenericGifts works fine

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