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    Apologies if this post is in the wrong thread but I wasn't quite sure where to post.

    I have a datafeed available to me from a particular merchant, but am unsure as to their stance re. parasites.

    Their response was we do not favor or advocate cookie overwriting and have measures in place. We review and investigate all claims of suspicious activity and have taken people from our program because of it., but that seems a little ambiguous to me.

    Thing is, there are so many parasites out there, how can a merchant commit to being free of them all?

    Is there a common shortlist of the most prevelant parasites that I could ask the merchant to check against?

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    Well, I'll take a stab at this one.

    No merchant can be parasite free unless they are truly diligent in checking their affiliates and keep up to date on new parasites. It's sort of like being virus free on your computer...if you run an antivirus once, you may not be virus free after 3 months. You have to keep up on the trends and keep checking.

    So, while it's true that you could say the answer they gave you was ambiguous, it may just be because they know they may not be aware of all the parasites that are out there.

    Parasite free is a journey, not a destination - to paraphrase.

    I think the real proof of their dedication is how they respond if they are alerted to a suspicious affiliate. But that's an after-the-fact thing.

    I think many affiliates would probably tell you to go with your gut after you research the heck out of them on these boards.

    Good luck...


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    The easiest way for a merchant to do this is to post in bold print within their Terms of Service (TOS)...We do not accept download S/W affiliates into our program. Any affiliate caught using a BHO helper application or e-mail spamming agrees to immediately forfeit all commissions earned and pull our links from their pages and BHO.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    Ecom, yep, posting that TOS clause would be 'proof' of commitment.
    I think Microdot is more concerned about their ability to deliver on the commitment.
    Patrice's answer is spot on.
    With the best will in the world, no merchant can guarantee that all their affiliates are squeaky clean. People can adopt diversionary tactics after they have been approved - even if A.M.s had nothing better to do than police all their affilates all the time, some parasites would still slip through the net.
    It's a question of intent - with a response like that merchant gave you, I would say give them the benefit of the doubt.

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    We discussed this topic in the ParasiteWare Roundtable discussions ... We'll have a PWare alert system that merchants can subscribe to.


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    I just looked at the sticky topic" Parasite Free Merchants List".

    I see only 17 merchants there, is it really this sad, or does the list need a update?

    But it beats a real j.o.b.

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    Mike and Charlie,

    We are realy trying to do whatever we can to curb parisites. Could you let me know what a "download s/w affiliate is?

    Also what is the BHO helper aplication?

    I like your idea of putting this right in the TOS and we will go one step further. We will inform all affiliate applicants that we send an email to all customers to verify were they were refered from. We realise not all will repond and not all will remember, but if the info comes back inconsistent with our records, WE WILL INVESTIGATE.

    How can we expect affiliates to work there asses off for us if we can't protect them?

    Do It,

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    Some trusted researcher or expert could examine a merchant's site and its participation (or, ideally, lack thereof!) in the rogue programs at issue -- then issue a statement as to findings. I could certainly currently do this as to Gator, WhenU, and 180 Solutions, and in fact I've recently been discussing this service (i.e. the examination and audit described above) with a couple merchants. Will keep this forum posted if anything comes of it.

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