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    Angry Bozo companies.
    I have to buy some stuff from the manufacturer. They ahve a bunch of items and what I need is 2 of evertything they have to start my inventory. So I asked them this simple question
    " I'll order what you suggested in the second (the $2431 order) email as long as you can tell me on the day of the order what will be back ordered and what is not. " I thought this was a reasonable question Was I wrong this is what my response was.

    "Actually, its hard to monitor hundreds of shipments. Like looking for a needle in a haystack. Now, we need to know what youre going to order, remember, your account hasnt set up yet and it does take a few days to process. We dont even know it would be done by the 13th until we know what you will be ordering. Majority of our customers wait for the items to be received, use the order they placed against there shipment for inventory. "

    Shouldn't someone at the company knowq what hasn't been shipped yet and shopuldn't the customer rep be able to get that information and tell them customer if requested? If I don't know what is going to be shipped how am I going to know how much I am ordering???

    Maybe its just me, but I always thought that if you are going to be billed someone at your company sahould know what has been shipped and your personal customer representative should be able to get this information for you.

    Then they said
    "The rough draft order is what im going to ship to you. Isnt that what we agreed on? So if you have that copy, you can use our Packing list that will be sent along with the shipment. This would give you your inventory tracking. We dont have a data base or spreadsheet of our inventory because once again, we have a high turn around, I can tell you we have x amount of this item and then an hour from now it changes, when your order hasnt even been shipped yet. Lets just come down to one decision, I will place the order, and you can base your inventory on the packing list when you receive it. Then call us for your inquiry with back orders. Thats the norm of all our customers. We dont give priority to one specific customer, we treat and assist every customer the same."

    It seems to me if you have such a high turn over all the more reason for a computer program to keep track of your inventory. It sounds to me that what happens is the order goes to the warehouse, where people look for the products if its they they ship it, if not they don't. I can see it now, an order come in, they give it to a college student in track shoes who runs all over the warehouse and tries to fill the order. They look in big bins, if something is there they put it in if not they don't. But since no one knows whether thay have something or not, the student is like, we have have something we may not, but that is all the way over there, and I don't want to go that far.


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    Send 'em an affiliate link for an inventory system, complete with barcode scanners...
    Eathan Mertz

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    looks like someone doesn't have a good CRM system linked to a good inventory system.

    There are more companies lacking this than there are doing it successfully.

    good luck.

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