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    I used to think the only mention of the words parasites and spyware were here at abw.

    Today I rec'd an email from one of my banks with the subject: Important Information Concerning the Security of Your Personal Information

    (which at first I thought was one of those phishers looking for my SSN)

    But when I logged onto my bank there WAS a link about security info.

    It stated the usual stuff (don't use 1234 as your password), but #2 was new and different:

    Run anti-spyware software to remove any spyware from your computer. If your anti-virus product doesn't include spyware protection, we recommend that you install a reputable spyware detection product as well. Many commercially available anti-virus software packages can detect adware/spyware programs on your computer. If detected, you should remove them immediately. (Pop-up ads are indications that adware/spyware is most likely running on your machine) One such award-winning software program can be downloaded free at
    At least everyone who has an account at FirstRegional Bank has now heard of the word!!!

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    The banks, shopping cart hosting companies and all online repositories of records able to fuel "identity theft" by cybercriminals & terrorists are getting forced to educate their customers. Now that the Adware/Spyware programmers have teamed up with the trojan horse virus writers the financial community is vulnerable to attack. Infested consumers, and also merchants, logging into any online secure server carry these friggin payloads with them the moment they type in their username/password.

    Has anyone here ever heard any BHO firm say they wrote 100% of the code they use in their 300+ application variants. Hell no! That be an outright lie as they buy these core apps and even updates from blind (cash only) ever changing drop boxes. The programmers are trojan horse virus writers, hackers, and Russian/ME/Asian cybercrime rings. The affiliate industry is their infestation tool as even SpyBot R&D can't keep up with weekly new entrys.

    New found perps or variants...
    ++ Spyware.GoldenEye ++ SCC.Viewer.Technology ++ blue-series + AdRoarPlugin ++ Adware.Adtomi BHO ++ Adshooter.Drs ++ BlazeFind.Browserhelper3 + eAcceleration + GAIN.Gator + IE Plugin|aka WinObject + PowerStrip + WhenU.ClockSync
    + FunWebProducts ++ StartPage.IG. + CoolWWWSearch.WCADW (3) ++ CommanderNet ++ Gwtbob ++ iSearchToolbar ++ Matrix ++ spex + CWS + CWS.008k ++ CWS.Zonealarm ++ ICOO Loader + ClearSearch.Net + CWS.Xxxvideo
    ++ Keylog.5 ++ Indigo Rose Corporation ++ ControlRandom
    + TrojanDropper ++ Win32/Vldial ++ KaoTan-A ++ illon.Remote.Admin.Tool + Kazaa.Irc.Spybot13.World ++ PSW.AlLight ++ Raznew-A ++ Win32.Kpager ++ Armageddon ++ Spybot-BZ
    ++ WORM_RBOT.BI + GoldenPalace.Casino ++ W32.Igloo (3) ++ W32.Steph-A ++ W32/Randbot
    ++ WWPack32Dialer (4) ++ PDialerWeb ++ Suelz + Domestic Germany + Interfun (3) ++ Infosestimas ++ Marcador ++ PPremiumInternacional + + MainPean (14) + WebDialer (3) ++ exDialer ++ XXXDial-E + Dialler + Comload (2) ++
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    2 years ago I decided that I was going to be super cautious with my online banking. So I partitioned my hard drive in 2. In one partition I left 5 gigs of space and the rest in the other. The one with 5 gigs I installed a second copy of windows xp so that I could do my online banking. I only use this side to do my banking. I've put the bank website as my home page. This way the only website that my browser sees is my bank's. I keep everthing up to date on my os with a firewall to try to keep any creepy crawly things from the web from getting in.

    This might be a little extreme, but I sleep a little better at night knowing that I didn't have someone recording my keystrokes.

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