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    Maybe someone can calm me down about this. I have been in affiliate marketing for over a year now and have been having an experience that is driving me insane.

    I have been consistantly running into a scenario where I join a new program, begin to promote it, experience immediate success and then everything ceases. When I say immediate I mean immediate. Last week I signed up for a hogh-commission program with Primary Ads. I loaded up a campaign with Find What and let it rip. The next day I had generated 2 leads for some big $$. That was it! Nothing more! Nada!

    This scenario has played out for me with literally a dozen programs. Sign up, get a sale or sales right away and then... drought. I have become completely paranoid that my commissions are being stolen somehow. I know that I am probably just overreacting to rather bizarre case of bad luck but can anyone tell me what parasiteware is capable of that might be making this possible? If clicks are being recorded can commissions be lifted? If I regularly run Ad-A Ware am I clean?

    Help me before I go off the deep end! I'm seeing parasites everywhere.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Some programs using batch sales reporting, that the AM's know don't convert worth a hoot, just seed a few sales if they think your a player. I noticed this for years when I chose new major network brand programs. A few immediate sales below minimum payout levels and then nada for the next 2 years.

    Even posted 3 of them here at ABW that were within 50 cents of the minimum for the longest time. Show the folks here what crooks were running their programs with on/off switches by putting them on my front page and hight traffic pages at Christmas to generate some impressive CTR's. Not one friggin sale and all 3 went belly up or dropped their programs.
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