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    how do i reach like-minded affiliates?
    hello all - i recently started a program for nerve - a site that isn't exactly X rated, but isn't PG either. it's an inteligent approach to erotica and has received lots of press in recent years. the problem i'm encountering is finding the right affiliates whose audiences will be receptive to our offerings and convert to purchase of our products.

    any suggestions? thanks and glad to be joining the community.

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    You may certainly talk to Haiko about advertising here (in the New Progs Announcement section)...


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    I have several sites that offer lingerie with one site that I like to think takes it to the edge by offering more adventurous products. Erotica would certainly be a fit.
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    I have a "naughty site" that I thought I would try out. It has the most clicks of any site I own. Unfortunately, sales are very few and far between. People like to look at and click on the naughty pictures but they almost never buy anything.

    Big waste of band width, if you ask me.
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