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    domains, subdomains, directorys?
    Will it hurt my SE rankings if instead of a new domain for each site, each site is a directory or a subdomain off a single primary domain? Also, if i was to chose this route, which would be more reccomended, directory or subdomain?


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    There's advantages & disadvantages to either approach. With the current Google sandbox issue, you might want to consider working to expand existing sites. You can do that either with subdomains or with directories. If the new topic is much different from the existing content, go with subdomains.

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    If i have a url that is very general.. example - (this is already taken, and not by me.. its just an example). Then lets say i do mondera and make and for overstock make Would this be any worse than say or Both in terms of Search Engine Rankings and how u as a person feel about looking at those urls?

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