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    I've read Ben's article on 180 and other adware aplications that are capable of stealing referral commissions. My question is, how do I prevent them from taking credit for my traffic?

    As an example, I was thinking of joinging an affiliate program for a retailer and will probably be building some SEO pages to generate traffic. Now if someone has 180 solutions' applications or something similar, visit's an SEO page of mine, clicks thru, buys a product, how am I suppose to stop the parasiteware from stealing my earned commission? Or is this a problem all affilates are facing?

    I've read somewhere on here that WhenU and GAIN may now be following similar practices?

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    "Parasites" will typically operate in one of two ways:

    1. You join some savings program or rebates program and are required to download software. The software then invokes itself in some way to overwrite or replace an affiliate's links (more specifically replace the tracking cookie) when you visit an affiliate site.

    2. You download freebies and deep within the EULA (End User License Agreement) is a stipulation that you accept the parasite software as well. When you download the freebie software, you get the parasite program as well. This often invokes popup ads or overwrites affiliate ads when you visit affiliate web sites.

    In either case, the parasite software more or less takes control of your computer. In some cases the software is very difficult to remove. "Adaware" by LAVASOFT is one free program to detect and remove parasites.

    Best practice for you and everyone is to avoid any merchants that use any of the parasiteware listed here.
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    Sad, but true.

    You might also want to drop a note to the merchants you won't be working with, explaining to them why - exactly - you don't want to partner with them.

    You'd be surprised how many merchants simply aren't aware of the issue.


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